This Magical Girl, Sailor Moon, and Card Captor inspired Ita bag is a wonderful way to display all your merchandise. This bag comes with a satin pink insert (as pictured) and two adjustable straps that can be worn as a tote, cross-body messenger bag, or backpack. Made with 100% cruelty-free, vegan faux leather. 


Pin Bags, also known as Ita bags, include a clear window to display merchandise like pins, key chains, plushies and more! Not everyone uses them to display merchandise. Some people just love the stylish look of it.

*Exterior: Soft Pink Vegan Faux Leather 
*Interior: Pink satin fabric with a gold zipper pocket 
*Strap Length: 2 55-inch adjustable vegan leather straps 
*Approximate Dimension: 12.5" in Diameter and 5" Deep


Ita bags are handmade (by our manufacturers) and may vary slightly from bags to bags, but please rest assured that all products have gone through quality inspections. Colors may also vary from screen to screen. 

Contact us if you have any additional questions and we will be more than happy to help.


Sailor Moon, Card Captor, Magical Girl Inspired Ita Bag

  • Ita bag may arrive crumpled with some creasing. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY. This is normal since we ship all bags flattened out, with a padded protective bag. We have consulted with USPS and this is the safest way to ship the bags and reduces the potential damage during shipping.

    Due to the flexible nature of the faux leather, the creasing and folds will come out quickly. Simply stuff both the pockets of the bag with pillow cases, shirts, etc and let it sit for 24-48 hours. If creasing and folding remains, blow dry the bag on low heat and gently smooth out the creases and folds.


    Simply spot clean with warm soapy water (Dawn dish soap recommended).


    Don’t put too much weight in the bag (max weight of 10 lbs) for long period of time for this can stretch the straps.


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